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This modpack's intital download size is quite large because of all the content it contains. However future version of the pack will not be nearly as large. Furthermore, in order to play this modpack sucessfully you must download and install the Pixelmon Mod and the Pixelmon Extras mod which will both be linked in the menu on the left of this page. DO NOT forget these two mods, as doing so would defeat the whole purpose of the pack.
Welcome to the world of Pixelmon, future trainer! This is a Minecraft Modpack created by Nerd Storm Production. This modpack is different from any other. In this modpack there are no Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Spiders, Etc. In this modpack there are...you guessed it, Pokémon! This modpack relies on the excellent mod known as Pixelmon which revamps the way Minecraft works and puts you on a whole new adventure.

The intial size of this modpack is quite large as it installs all the required mods, configs, music, and saves. Currently this modpack ships with a world save titled Johto. You guessed it. The world save is an excellent reconstruction of the Johto region in Minecraft. It comes equipped with Gyms, Trainers, Pokemon, and the Elite Four. But that's not all! After beating the Johto region you can travel to the Kanto region to continue your journey! Once you make it through all that, you can make your way up to Mt. Silver, and challenge the game champion! Here is a trailer of the map:

There is so much to do and so much fun to be had! The Johto map is an adventure mode map and therfore will not allow altering of the world. However, if you are not feeling the Adventure Mode then go ahead and create your own New World! The Pixelmon mod will still revamp the Minecraft Gameplay and you can enjoy going on your quest to become a true Pixelmon Master! The pack comes equipped with a variety of different mods that help decoration and mekanics. We have carefully desinged the pack to play nicely with Pixelmon and managed to keep the pack quite liteweight as well. So perhaps your calling is to become an ultimate Pixelmon master and you want to build a breathtaking Pixelmon Master's headquarters, you are free to do so in this modpack!

Last but certainly not least. The non-adventure mode version of the game comes with some questing. You will be able to partake in quests that will help you along in your adventure. Quests will be added as time goes on and as the pack gets updates. We also want to make an attempt at allowing quests to work in the adventure mode as well. So keep an eye out for updates and download them once they come out!


Fairy Tail – Zero Arc – Released!

The Fairy Tail – Zerø Arc is the successor to Fairy Tail – Wooooow. The popular Fairy Tail – Wooooow modpack located here:


has been downloaded over 250,000K times combined between the Technic Launcher and here at Curse. That’s not counting all the downloads it received via the FTB launcher. However, that pack is rather out-dated and still operating on 1.7.10 Minecraft. So it was time for an upgrade. Enter Zerø Arc.

The modpack keeps the same design tactic as the original. Even if you are not a fan of the Anime, this pack encompases a neutral feel so that players can still enjoy a Magic/Fantasy environment. Your standard “staple” technology mods are not in this pack because once again it caters to the Magical feel. However, for those who like to play with technology this pack does house Immersive Engineering and a small number of others, like RFDimensions to truely design your own worlds, which can be combined with some of the magic mods to create some very interesting creations.

As mentioned above, this modpack was designed with the same concept in mind as its predecessor. However, it is on the updated foundation of Minecraft 1.11.2. The Zerø arc, in the anime, chronologically took place before the Fairy Tail Anime series. That concept was not skipped over in the design of this pack. For many people on the Official Fairy Tail Server or on Single Player who have progress saved, this is your Zerø, this is a step back from all the progress you’ve made a chance to explore new mods (like Astral Sorcery, and Embers) have new adventures, and have a new fresh experience on an updated Minecraft. Naturally, the original pack isn’t going anywhere. As I said this pack is the successor, not a replacement.

So come join on a new adventure, with new mods, new quests, and new experiences. This modpack will also contain one of my own newer mods, Mystic Divination.

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